Out of Reach

Snow on the mountain –Settles gently on the pines –There but out of reach – a haiku poem

Winter Refuge

Fullest in winter –Afflicted and deluded –Yet without pretense – a haiku poem

Winter Warmth

The warmth of winter –Cascading from the shadows –Breath betrays the cold – a haiku poem

Inner softness

With inner softness – A blossom’s velvet petals – Exhale with the wind. – a haiku poem

The River Flows

Around a hard stone – She, gently overcoming – Nourishes the moss. – a haiku poem

Dog Tooth of Autumn

Dog tooth of autumn…

Trees phrase morning mists

Nightened trees phrase morning mists

Look It All Over

Look IT all over – Cold chrome, metronome, rhythm – Flat glass, running boards – a haiku poem

Mitsukejima Camp

Mitsukejima camp – Where the birds own the clifftop trees – and jazz blows so hard. – a haiku poem

Summer Afternoon

Hammock after lunch – Summer’s of dreams begun – and not one finished – This is today’s rhythm – Thunder clouds bring their showers. – a senryu poem…

Forgotten Cigarettes

Absent mindedly – Forgotten cigarettes or – Self-preservation – a senryu poem

Stonehouse Wrote Poems

Stonehouse wrote poems – In the bark and on the stones – Etching the forest – His brushstrokes with the seaweed – His letters in rippled sand –…

On the Softened Edge

On the softened edge – Better to release control – and embrace what’s there. – a haiku poem

Flowing Winter Stream #2

Flowing winter stream – Creates its own instruments – and plays its own hymns. – a haiku poem

Poetry of the Tao (Flowing Winter Stream #1)

Flowing winter stream – A sculpter and musician – Poetry of the Tao. – a haiku poem

Kerala’s Whisper

Always in motion – Kerala rarely whispers – Save above the trees. – a haiku poem

Humanity’s Order

Humanity’s order – Of that beyond arm’s reach – It cannot matter – Opposite the rows of life lined up – Into each one some rain falls. –…

Ashiyu (Foot Bath)

Sitting together – In the rooftop ashiyu* – Her foot touches mine. -a senryu poem *ashi yu literally translates to “foot bath”. Shallow foot baths in Japan are…

A Mother Paces

A mother paces – She knew it could come to this – Mourning for her son – Couldn’t he at least respond – To the text she sent…

Autumn Leaves on Moss

Old stones rest on soil – Green moss finds its roots in stone – Autumn leaves on moss. – a haiku poem

Dew Drops on Flowers

Dew drops on flowers – Scattered across the petals – See beyond one view. – a haiku poem

Light Still in Shadow

Sunstream wildflower – Aren’t we moving not the shore? – Light still in shadow. – a haiku poem

A Bright Midday Sun

She reached my shoulder – After dark weeks underground – A bright midday sun. – a returning haiku poem

A Kamoshika

A Kamoshika Surrounded by green bamboo Spontaneity Reflected within its eyes Expressionless, the still moon – a tanka poem

A Dog Gladly Leaves

A dog gladly leaves To walk in the winter woods His spot in the sun. -a haiku poem

Adrift Not Drifting

Cascading downhill Floating in shifting tension Adrift not drifting. – a haiku poem

One Form of Nothingness

The clouds in between Take each other’s shape Snowflakes with the wind. – a five syllable mountain poem

Winter River

The winter river Flowing in three dimensions Ice over water. – a haiku poem

Frozen Evergreens

Frozen evergreens Resolute in the valley Bowed branches supple. Wind howls above the mountain. Water flows beneath the snow. – a tanka poem

Frozen Way

Icy winter road Secure footing one moment Then a mad scramble. – a haiku poem