Honda Super Cub Delivery Bikes

Throat gargle 4 stroke single cylinder – Tin rattle can coffee – Loose clunk 3 speed semi-automatic transmission – Bone shrill, drum brake squeal – Skin tint, news print, white guntei gloves – Sun cracked rubber ties of recycled truck tire tubes – Bed head, chin stubble, crotch stained work pants – Rage tempered, tarmac […]

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Bears in the Garbage

My grandfather was half-scholar, half-lumber jack Always a beard, a notebook, and a pair of binoculars Usually a four wheel drive which we climbed up into one fading fall afternoon to go look at bears. High up, watching over, not a typical ten year old’s view Rumbling down small stone roads, next to a big stone […]

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Rocks piled – the way is marked by lichens and iron and quartz and clouds and shadow. Its grasp tentative on the ridge. Balanced and noteworthy, frozen action, a beacon that today is unnecessary. But what if tomorrow brings lightening and fog cover and seamless retreat is the gatekeeper? To faulter or lose one’s way resulting in […]

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