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empty classrom

Empty Classroom

A bright little girl – Sits in her classroom and looks – at all the empty chairs. – a haiku protest poem We must not… H.R.610 – To…

Frozen in Motion

Frozen in Motion

Frozen in motion – Ears ring in stoney silence – Nothing but wind howls. -a haiku poem

Life Explodes

Over a summer- Life explodes, wisps, and wanders- Leaving bold traces. -a haiku poem in memory of D.G.

Snow covered peaks

Snow Covered Peaks

Blackened, gnarled, branches – Reach toward snow covered peaks – Under winter skies. -a haiku poem

Winter's First Blanket

Winter’s First Blanket

Rain drops on willows – Crystals of the morning sun – Winter’s first blanket. – a haiku poem

Green Leaves, Late Autumn

Green leaves, late autumn- unaware of colder nights- and the peace of fall. -a haiku poem

Shifting Cotton Clouds

Blue meadow mooncast – Dew settles on the grasses – Shifting cotton clouds. – a haiku poem

Autumn Sunshine Stream

Autumn sunshine streams – Cascading down the staircase – to pool on a fern. – a haiku poem written and photographed in Kita-Kamakura

Uplit Trees

Uplit trees floating – in the cool autumn night – Tethered to the earth. – a haiku poem

Into the Garden

The screen door swings closed – Soft steps into the garden – for the last time. – a haiku poem

Wild Meadow Flowers

Wild meadow flowers- stretch behind a pasture fence- and join with the sun. – a haiku poem

Catch your breath

Mossy forest paths – along bright alpine gardens – to catch your breath. -a haiku poem  

Alpine Butterflies

Alpine butterflies – Through the expansive valley – Find their flowers. – a haiku poem

Ancient screams echo

Ancient screams echo – through cold granite corridors. – The lord sleeps above. – a haiku poem Written after the dungeon and torture chamber situated below the bedroom…

And on the next day

And on the next day- wind sculpted flowers at peace- with the morning sun. -a haiku poem

A Wildflower Blooms

A wildflower blooms – in astounding directions. – Some long, some short. A haiku poem in memory of Mohima Inspired by the Zen proverb – In the landscape…

Blowing Crazy Jazz

Sunlit summer leaves- Accents of forest rhythm- Blowing crazy jazz. -a haiku poem This poem was partly inspired by Horace Silver’s “Ah So” off Tokyo Blues

Serene Forest Toad

Serene forest toad- Paused not with indecision – but clarity. -a haiku poem

Faint purple oxeye

Faint purple oxeye – Swayed by the colorless wind – Steadied by the pale moon. – a haiku poem


Dandelion seeds – Set into the morning air- Counting on the wind – Listen. What becomes of the dandelion? -a haiku poem with capping phrase

One’s True Nature

Rust streaks, flaking blue – Barred and locked yet revealing – One’s true nature. – a haiku poem

Quarter Moon

Half hidden, half seen – The quarter moon arises – Casting no shadows. – a haiku poem A quarter moon surprisingly clear through the light noise of Yokohama…

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day – The Clematis in full bloom – Catches the child’s eye. – a haiku poem

Morning Rain

First cup of coffee- The porch wet with morning rain- The clock is so loud. -a haiku poem

Winter Hydrangea

There is such a thing –  as winter hydrangea – Old and glorious. -a haiku poem

Rate of Spring

Graceful leaves open – unfolding with perfection – at the rate of spring. -a haiku poem This macro photo of a flowering kale plant in early spring reveals at…

A Fresh Wind

Soft, supple, solid – Her love is felt a fresh wind – Hinamatsuri -a haiku poem Hinamatsuri also called “Girl’s Day” in Japan is a annual celebration that…

Bulbul Presence

A brown eared bulbul –  Is quick to taste the mikan –  Quick to let it go. -a haiku poem The hiyodori (brown eared bulbul) is a permanent…

Forgotten Feet

A blue heron stands – In a frozen mountain stream – Forgetting his feet. – a haiku poem Slightly upstream from where this photo was taken a blue…

Seeds for a New Year

Seeds and pappus* alight – Memories of the year frozen – A gentle wind blows. -a haiku poem *The pappus is a feathery structure that allows the seeds of plants…