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One Form of Nothingness

The clouds in between Take each other’s shape Snowflakes with the wind. – a five syllable mountain poem

Nature’s Vacuum

Oil refined sunshine – Burns seashore infrastructure – We’ve filled the vacuum – As one abhorred by nature – Bird sand and wind grass – Come grey concrete…

Autumn Susuki Grass A

Autumn susuki grass – Held in silent sunlight – One glance and there you are. – a six syllable mountain poem

Relentless Snowfall

Relentless snowfall – Tells it like it really is – The truth unobscured – by bottom-line self-interest – and the greed of the wealthy – Welcome relief. -a…

Pigeons in Paris

Pigeons in Paris – panic and take flight – But still alight on – a kind hand outstretched. – a five syllable mountain poem Paris is still here….

A Limestone Staircase

A limestone staircase- blends with a cloudy sky- yet clouds hold no weight- and a staircase sheds no rain- Be careful with your footsteps- not to mar the…

Shadows of Spring

Moisture settles deep – into the shadows of spring – Effervescent green – Pop! Without warning, Autumn red – Full freedom in expression. – -a mountain poem

Petals on a Fern

Petals on a fern – Animated by the wind – Petals on the ground – Soon returning through decay – How much better to be held. -a mountain…

Empty Bar Stools

Empty bar stools – empty bar – Half empty bottles – for half empty lives. – Wipe the counter. – an urban mountain poem  

The Singer

Her song drifts – out with the steam – from the shower. -a senryu poem

Wind Slams the Glass

Rain clouds on rooftops swallow the spring sun and mute the flowers. Silhouettes in puddles fragmented by rain drops against a mirrored sky Then wind slams the glass….

Breath Freezes

Breath Freezes

Falling snow lands softly – joining the standing trees – with the clouds and the earth – the winter and the spring. – Exhale and breath freezes. -a…

Harmony in the Void

Surrounded by sasa* now snow – A tree bends from the earth – As it’s pushed by the mountain wind – Cracking in the dry winter air –…

Foolish Bamboo

Resigned to the forest floor –  Distinct from society – Green bamboo extends skyward –  Slim leaves rustle in the wind – Tonbi soar high overhead –  as sunlight…

The Stone Fountain

A mirror reflects without hesitation – A thousand puddles shine back at the moon – A stone fountain fills slowly with water – Up to the edge when…

Amber Light River in Winter

Amber light river – Snow stones, serpent road, ski cut – Mud run, scrub brush trees – Roadside ramen and television parking lot – Everybody just passes through…

Spontaneous Wind

Outside the wind blows spontaneously – Shaking the small house on a moonlit hill – While the people inside sleep Planning through dreams – Going over the murmurs of…

Zen is found at Disney Sea

A world of dreams and plastic – The perception constructed – By none other than ourselves – Recognize the fantasy – and there is not spilled popcorn –…

Misunderstanding Nature

When water rages, torrents thunder – Snowfalls gently subdue hardest stone – Neither one making apologies – as gentleness overcomes the strong – and yielding cannot be resisted…

The Essence of Fire

A fire burns but do not think about the wood – The wind blows but do not think about the air – A stream splashes against a stone but…

A Path for the Swirling Wind

Beetle Mushin

An old beetle sits waiting – Slowly rusting in the rain – The future left uncertain – Except dust on the windshield – and rims setting on the…

A Macaque Crosses a River

Growing Moss

Sasaki Grass Wu Wei

Kicking a Frog

A waning gibbous moon sets – The new autumn night left dark – Walking slow I kicked a frog – While thinking of compassion – a 7 syllable…

The Walk to Happo Ike

The walk to Happo Ike heads upwards along the ridge – Needing only the effort to consider the nature of wind, of clouds, of sunshine – I am there in a…

Soaking In

Look at the Current

Distance from the Ridgeline