From earliest times thinkers must have perceived that on the one hand they could not think without words; on the other hand, words expressed only half the whole truth.
– Frederick Franck (Zen and Zen Classics)

Enlightenment - Metaphor for Mushin (no mind)  


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13/05/2018 8:31 pm  

Over the weekend I remember discussing compassion along with the nature of no mind and that it would not be accurate to think of it as emotionally numb or void. This passage from Sounds of Valley Streams by Francis Cook offers a useful link to a ready experience. I'd be interested in other's thoughts/reactions to this passage.

On a related note, Cook discusses compassion and Dogen as a link to action and the way of the bodhisattva in helping others. Can anyone recall in what context it came up for us at the retreat?