From earliest times thinkers must have perceived that on the one hand they could not think without words; on the other hand, words expressed only half the whole truth.
– Frederick Franck (Zen and Zen Classics)

Does a Zen Life inc...

Does a Zen Life include compassionate action?  


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18/05/2018 12:10 pm  

Later, I will add some text from Sounds of Valley Streams that outlines Dogen's emphasis on compassionate action as part of a Zen life. At the same time, Zen Buddhist and scholar, Teruyusa Tamura, offers some insightful criticism  here of Zen's apparent lack of altruistic action for those less fortunate in comparison to the activism that Quakers are known for. What are your thoughts on this critique? Is there a case for compassion in Zen that Tamura overlooks?