The walk to Happo Ike
heads upwards along the ridge –
Needing only the effort
to consider the nature
of wind, of clouds, of sunshine –
I am there in a moment –
through a shift of attention.

– a mountain poem

A classic form of poetry well exemplified by the Chinese Zen poet, Stonehouse or Shi-wu (1272-1352), was characterized by a 7 character structure. Playing with this idea in English, I have applied a similar pattern resulting in a 7 line poem with each line written in 7 syllables. In this format the lines don’t lend themselves to natural pairings which perhaps maintains some sense of incompletion and imperfection. Differently, however, the poems of Stonehouse were commonly written in a sets of 8 lines so the addition of another line will likely be something I work with further in the future.