The ridge holds the moon –

while red fox glides up the slope –

and snow cat descends. –

Look, and move accordingly –

Sometimes go up, sometimes down.

– a tanka protest poem

This week we are in Hokkaido staying at an Onsen (hot spring) hotel and snowboarding in Niseko. In addition to world class skiing, each day includes a long soak in an outdoor bath both morning and night. Sitting in the bath before 6am I saw a red fox returning to her den as a snowcat (trail grooming machine) was advancing down slope finishing up the trail the bath overlooks. Seeing the fox, the Snowcat driver turned off the powerful work lights on the machine, the fox seamlessly changed course uphill into the forest and once the Snowcat passed, came back to the ease of the ski trail, crossed and returned to her den. As dumbfounding as the elected leadership of the world, not least of the which the US, appears, observation is a crucial component of resistance.