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An Invitation 

White magnolia – Decorated in sunlight – An Invitation. – a haiku poem

No Conceit 

Half-way up the hill – No conceit nor arrogance – The leaves simply grow. – a haiku poem

Izu Unfolding – 3 Motorcycle Haiku

Izu Unfolding Izu unfolding – Ribbons through flower gardens – Songs above the roar. – Tight Turn Enemy, Lover – Leaning in as tires hold – The warmth…

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He, a tall, kind man – who loved those large camphor trees – Leaves, seeds, on our porch – His apologies, too – All cut down now before…

Relentless Snowfall

Relentless snowfall – Tells it like it really is – The truth unobscured – by bottom-line self-interest – and the greed of the wealthy – Welcome relief. -a…

New Beginning

Each new beginning – transitions to what might be – Beauty from unrest. – a haiku poem

Look, Move Accordingly

The ridge holds the moon – while red fox glides up the slope – and snow cat descends. – Look, and move accordingly – Sometimes go up, sometimes…

empty classrom

Empty Classroom

A bright little girl – Sits in her classroom and looks – at all the empty chairs. – a haiku protest poem We must not… H.R.610 – To…

A mother’s worried eyes

So far away – a mother’s worried eyes – fall short of her son. – Gasping for air and vision – This is not democracy. – a tanka protest…

Frozen in Motion

Frozen in Motion

Frozen in motion – Ears ring in stoney silence – Nothing but wind howls. -a haiku poem

Life Explodes

Over a summer- Life explodes, wisps, and wanders- Leaving bold traces. -a haiku poem in memory of D.G.

Helpful jealousy

Helpful jealousy- from an innocent question- of a past boyfriend. – perhaps a silly response – or love’s timely reminder. – a senryu poem  

Snow covered peaks

Snow Covered Peaks

Blackened, gnarled, branches – Reach toward snow covered peaks – Under winter skies. -a haiku poem

Winter's First Blanket

Winter’s First Blanket

Rain drops on willows – Crystals of the morning sun – Winter’s first blanket. – a haiku poem

Green Leaves, Late Autumn

Green leaves, late autumn- unaware of colder nights- and the peace of fall. -a haiku poem

No one remembers them green

Red leaves in autumn soon fall to the forest floor then turn to grey dust. No one remembers them green. Their shine lost in memory.

Shifting Cotton Clouds

Blue meadow mooncast – Dew settles on the grasses – Shifting cotton clouds. – a haiku poem

Autumn Sunshine Stream

Autumn sunshine streams – Cascading down the staircase – to pool on a fern. – a haiku poem written and photographed in Kita-Kamakura

Uplit Trees

Uplit trees floating – in the cool autumn night – Tethered to the earth. – a haiku poem

Into the Garden

The screen door swings closed – Soft steps into the garden – for the last time. – a haiku poem

Oceanside Fireworks

Oceanside fireworks – Captured on a tiny screen – Without the awe. -a senryu poem

Windswept Woman

Windswept Old Woman

Windswept old woman – with a sunshine umbrella – and purposeful eyes. -a senryu poem

Pigeons in Paris

Pigeons in Paris – panic and take flight – But still alight on – a kind hand outstretched. – a five syllable mountain poem Paris is still here….

A Limestone Staircase

A limestone staircase- blends with a cloudy sky- yet clouds hold no weight- and a staircase sheds no rain- Be careful with your footsteps- not to mar the…

Wild Meadow Flowers

Wild meadow flowers- stretch behind a pasture fence- and join with the sun. – a haiku poem

Catch your breath

Mossy forest paths – along bright alpine gardens – to catch your breath. -a haiku poem  

Alpine Butterflies

Alpine butterflies – Through the expansive valley – Find their flowers. – a haiku poem

Ancient screams echo

Ancient screams echo – through cold granite corridors. – The lord sleeps above. – a haiku poem Written after the dungeon and torture chamber situated below the bedroom…

And on the next day

And on the next day- wind sculpted flowers at peace- with the morning sun. -a haiku poem

A Wildflower Blooms

A wildflower blooms – in astounding directions. – Some long, some short. A haiku poem in memory of Mohima Inspired by the Zen proverb – In the landscape…