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Oceanside Fireworks

Oceanside fireworks – Captured on a tiny screen – Without the awe. -a senryu poem

Windswept Woman

Windswept Old Woman

Windswept old woman – with a sunshine umbrella – and purposeful eyes. -a senryu poem

Pigeons in Paris

Pigeons in Paris – panic and take flight – But still alight on – a kind hand outstretched. – a five syllable mountain poem Paris is still here….

A Limestone Staircase

A limestone staircase- blends with a cloudy sky- yet clouds hold no weight- and a staircase sheds no rain- Be careful with your footsteps- not to mar the…

Wild Meadow Flowers

Wild meadow flowers- stretch behind a pasture fence- and join with the sun. – a haiku poem

Catch your breath

Mossy forest paths – along bright alpine gardens – to catch your breath. -a haiku poem  

Alpine Butterflies

Alpine butterflies – Through the expansive valley – Find their flowers. – a haiku poem

Ancient screams echo

Ancient screams echo – through cold granite corridors. – The lord sleeps above. – a haiku poem Written after the dungeon and torture chamber situated below the bedroom…

And on the next day

And on the next day- wind sculpted flowers at peace- with the morning sun. -a haiku poem

A Wildflower Blooms

A wildflower blooms – in astounding directions. – Some long, some short. A haiku poem in memory of Mohima Inspired by the Zen proverb – In the landscape…

Blowing Crazy Jazz

Sunlit summer leaves- Accents of forest rhythm- Blowing crazy jazz. -a haiku poem This poem was partly inspired by Horace Silver’s “Ah So” off Tokyo Blues

Shadows of Spring

Moisture settles deep – into the shadows of spring – Effervescent green – Pop! Without warning, Autumn red – Full freedom in expression. – -a mountain poem

Serene Forest Toad

Serene forest toad- Paused not with indecision – but clarity. -a haiku poem

Faint purple oxeye

Faint purple oxeye – Swayed by the colorless wind – Steadied by the pale moon. – a haiku poem

Unanswerable Questions

Standing spring grasses- pose unanswerable questions- to wild fox spirits.- Who move too fast to notice- the seeds in their red brown coats. – a tanka poem

Petals on a Fern

Petals on a fern – Animated by the wind – Petals on the ground – Soon returning through decay – How much better to be held. -a mountain…

Harbor Tugs

Work tugs, halide lights – Rolling gently, evening swell – Floating styrofoam – Fenders whine with dock lines taut – False appearance of order. -a tanka poem

Not much time

There’s not much time – So dress nicely and stay out. – Make your peace, then sleep. -a senryu poem

White Ankle Strap Heels

White Ankle Strap Heels

Old Nikes dry – Next to white ankle strap heels – Laughter from the bedroom. – a senryu poem

Empty Bar Stools

Empty bar stools – empty bar – Half empty bottles – for half empty lives. – Wipe the counter. – an urban mountain poem  


Dandelion seeds – Set into the morning air- Counting on the wind – Listen. What becomes of the dandelion? -a haiku poem with capping phrase

One’s True Nature

Rust streaks, flaking blue – Barred and locked yet revealing – One’s true nature. – a haiku poem

Macha Tea

Melting spring snow- Flows down the mountainside- into the sunlight. – Why not sit on tatami – and whisk macha tea?   -a tanka poem  

Quarter Moon

Half hidden, half seen – The quarter moon arises – Casting no shadows. – a haiku poem A quarter moon surprisingly clear through the light noise of Yokohama…

The Singer

Her song drifts – out with the steam – from the shower. -a senryu poem

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day – The Clematis in full bloom – Catches the child’s eye. – a haiku poem

Shopping for Groceries

Empty bags in hand – Walking to buy groceries – Talking through the list. -a senryu poem

Morning Rain

First cup of coffee- The porch wet with morning rain- The clock is so loud. -a haiku poem

Stamp Collection

Sitting on the shelf – Old postage stamp collection – Spouse’s secret past. -a senryu poem

One Last Banana

One last banana – Spotting brown another day- Perhaps tomorrow. -a senryu poem