Yokohama PhotographyEven as a young child I was fascinated with people’s stories and the different ways we can be seen interacting with the world. Photography allows me to capture and share those narratives and is a personal passion as well as a service I bring to the communities where I work and live.

Memorable images that capture special events are essential to tell the stories as they unfold and are revisited in the the future. Professional photos pay for themselves time and time again through their impact, clarity, and quality. With each image I work to bring a unique perspective to composition, light, and exposure to make sure you and your events convey exactly the message you intend.

In addition to professional event photography, I also enjoy what is commonly described as contemplative photography or more exclusively Miksang photography (loosely translated as “Good Eye” from Tibetan). In these traditions, the process of capturing images is approached with a softened detachment resulting in greater awareness and openness to scenes, situations, and stories. Contemplative photography has an implicit meditative quality to it which is both relaxing in it’s own right and, as a regular practice, has added dimensions to many of my photographs that would have been unlikely with more traditional approaches. While all photographers have a unique journey, it has been interesting to see how different mindsets have impacted the development of my photography across traditional western and eastern domains.

Yokohama Photography

Please contact me to find out more about commissioning a portrait session, an event to be photographed, or to purchase print images found on this site or that you have seen in one of my exhibitions. For larger jobs, I also work with Ed Lemery, a talented photographer in the Yokohama area.


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