Pigeons in Paris –

panic and take flight –

But still alight on –

a kind hand outstretched.

– a five syllable mountain poem

Paris is still here. We have found the city predictably subdued and the security can feel oppressive, albeit necessary, at times. That said, we have been universally welcomed by all. It’s as if people recognize that we have chosen to visit when others won’t and appreciate us all the more for it. The lovely non-English speaking woman at the bakery today didn’t give us an indignant attitude but free chocolate croissants in addition to what we bought. The man working at our neighborhood grocery store heard us contemplating one product over another and gave us his recommendation. Everyone living behind the passcode protected door around the courtyard where our tiny rental house sits greets us both morning and night. While I wouldn’t wish the terrorism France has experienced on anyone, it is like the Parisians have chosen the higher path in response. – Summer 2016 visit