Tag: Haiku

Ashiyu (Foot Bath)

Sitting together – In the rooftop ashiyu* – Her foot touches mine. -a senryu poem *ashi yu literally translates to “foot bath”. Shallow foot baths in Japan are…

Autumn Leaves on Moss

Old stones rest on soil – Green moss finds its roots in stone – Autumn leaves on moss. – a haiku poem

Light Still in Shadow

Sunstream wildflower – Aren’t we moving not the shore? – Light still in shadow. – a haiku poem

An Invitation 

White magnolia – Decorated in sunlight – An Invitation. – a haiku poem

A Fresh Wind

Soft, supple, solid – Her love is felt a fresh wind – Hinamatsuri -a haiku poem Hinamatsuri also called “Girl’s Day” in Japan is a annual celebration that…

Bulbul Presence

A brown eared bulbul –  Is quick to taste the mikan –  Quick to let it go. -a haiku poem The hiyodori (brown eared bulbul) is a permanent…

Forgotten Feet

A blue heron stands – In a frozen mountain stream – Forgetting his feet. – a haiku poem Slightly upstream from where this photo was taken a blue…

Seasons and Cold Nights

Seasons and cold nights – Turns ginko leaves to gold – and hair to grey. -a haiku poem

Old Dried Plum

A dried plum’s texture- After years of sun and wind – Whispers “tomorrow” – a haiku about impermanence  

Pale and Shivering

  Autumn flowers wait – For winter to take their souls – Pale and shivering – a haiku poem

Autumn Pine Wind

Among autumn leaves –  Clouds too high to touch above – The pine wind blows peace – This Autumn Pine haiku poem is in response to being in the…

A Monk Sits Zazen

A monk sits zazen – The breeze drifts through open doors – Neither warm nor cold  – a haiku poem

Iwachi Night

All night gentle waves – Washing up onto the sand – Join my breath in sleep. – a haiku poem about Iwachi, Shizuoka


  Snugged down and tightened – Fearful of losing control – Pressure breaks the wood. – a haiku poem

Cool Autumn Evening

The distant dog barks –  All alone after nightfall –  Joining the crickets

Summer Ends

  The Bush Warbler – Whose song welcomed summer – Is silent tonight – a haiku poem

Elephant Lacquer

elephant lacquer – evading understanding – rest, life flourishes