Tag: Impermanence

The River Flows

Around a hard stone – She, gently overcoming – Nourishes the moss. – a haiku poem

Seeds for a New Year

Seeds and pappus* alight – Memories of the year frozen – A gentle wind blows. -a haiku poem *The pappus is a feathery structure that allows the seeds of plants…

Old Dried Plum

A dried plum’s texture- After years of sun and wind – Whispers “tomorrow” – a haiku about impermanence  

A Macaque Crosses a River

There is stillness in thought, a leaf blows up the hill – There is thought in stillness, a Macaque crosses a river – Everything changes when nothing moves,…


Woven tatami – Discarded and cast aside – A body, a soul


  Snugged down and tightened – Fearful of losing control – Pressure breaks the wood. – a haiku poem