Tag: non-duality

Full of Possibility

Autumn gingko leaves – Full of possibility – Once they touch the ground. – a haiku poem

Zen Grave

A Zen grave headstone – Stands in testimonial – To what I’m unsure. -a haiku poem

Clouds Brush

Clouds brush the ridgeline – Obscuring and revealing – Indiscriminate. – a haiku poem

Petals on a Fern

Petals on a fern – Animated by the wind – Petals on the ground – Soon returning through decay – How much better to be held. -a mountain…

Breath Freezes

Breath Freezes

Falling snow lands softly – joining the standing trees – with the clouds and the earth – the winter and the spring. – Exhale and breath freezes. -a…

Honda Super Cub Delivery Bikes

Throat gargle 4 stroke single cylinder – Tin rattle can coffee – Loose clunk 3 speed semi-automatic transmission – Bone shrill, drum brake squeal – Skin tint, news…