Rain clouds on rooftops
swallow the spring sun
and mute the flowers.

Silhouettes in puddles
fragmented by rain drops
against a mirrored sky

Then wind slams the glass.

Reflections now obscured
The flat sky breaks
as the water recedes.


-a mountain poem

This poem was written for Mina who has had to deal with far more illness than any one person should. Through it all she and her husband, Ian, have remained inspiring and strong. In addition to acknowledging the continued adversity they have faced, the line, “Then wind slams the glass” is also intended to convey a sense of hope and change. As I write this, the storm that engulfed Yokohama in this photo taken earlier today from the 28th floor of the Sky building is leaving but not without a wind storm in its wake. Hoping for clearer days ahead, Mina.