Category: Senryu

Summer Afternoon

Hammock after lunch – Summer’s of dreams begun – and not one finished – This is today’s rhythm – Thunder clouds bring their showers. – a senryu poem…

Forgotten Cigarettes

Absent mindedly – Forgotten cigarettes or – Self-preservation – a senryu poem

Ashiyu (Foot Bath)

Sitting together – In the rooftop ashiyu* – Her foot touches mine. -a senryu poem *ashi yu literally translates to “foot bath”. Shallow foot baths in Japan are…

Stopped for Speeding 

Was stopped for speeding – Yet couldn’t help but notice – Just how cool a bike. – a senryu delinquency poem

Get your hackles up

Get your hackles up – Now is not time for fighting – I’ll lie here and glare. – a senryu poem

Just Tighty Whities

On his balcony – Him in just tighty whities – We make eye contact. -a senryu poem   (For this post, I used an open source image so…

Patient Police

Drunk salaryman – Testing policemen’s patience – Ushered to the loo. -a senryu poem

Helpful jealousy

Helpful jealousy- from an innocent question- of a past boyfriend. – perhaps a silly response – or love’s timely reminder. – a senryu poem  

Oceanside Fireworks

Oceanside fireworks – Captured on a tiny screen – Without the awe. -a senryu poem

Windswept Old Woman

Windswept old woman – with a sunshine umbrella – and purposeful eyes. -a senryu poem

Not much time

There’s not much time – So dress nicely and stay out. – Make your peace, then sleep. -a senryu poem

White Ankle Strap Heels

Old Nikes dry – Next to white ankle strap heels – Laughter from the bedroom. – a senryu poem

Shopping for Groceries

Empty bags in hand – Walking to buy groceries – Talking through the list. -a senryu poem

Stamp Collection

Sitting on the shelf – Old postage stamp collection – Spouse’s secret past. -a senryu poem

One Last Banana

One last banana – Spotting brown another day- Perhaps tomorrow. -a senryu poem

Hands Outstretched

Enter a Village – with hands outstretched and open –  Meet by offering. -a Senryu poem

Zen is found at Disney Sea

A world of dreams and plastic – The perception constructed – Paid for in full by ourselves, – Recognize the fantasy – and there is not spilled popcorn…

Literary Love

Lips puckered out – Kissable between the stacks – Literary love. – a senryu poem