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Dog Tooth of Autumn

Dog tooth of autumn…

Trees phrase morning mists

Nightened trees phrase morning mists

Autumn Leaves on Moss

Old stones rest on soil – Green moss finds its roots in stone – Autumn leaves on moss. – a haiku poem

Amber Hydrangea 

Amber hydrangea – The whole universe within – Captured but uncaught. – a haiku poem

Over in Sunlight

Pop autumn fireworks – Burst on the ground, morning frost – Over in sunlight – Tomorrow nearly the same – Until dew rests on snowfall – a tanka…

Autumn Susuki Grass A

Autumn susuki grass – Held in silent sunlight – One glance and there you are. – a six syllable mountain poem

Full of Possibility

Autumn gingko leaves – Full of possibility – Once they touch the ground. – a haiku poem

Shadows Shiver

On the mountainside color jumps in the sunlight but shadows shiver. – a haiku poem

Winter’s First Blanket

Rain drops on willows – Crystals of the morning sun – Winter’s first blanket. – a haiku poem

Green Leaves, Late Autumn

Green leaves, late autumn- unaware of colder nights- and the peace of fall. -a haiku poem

No one remembers them green

Red leaves in autumn soon fall to the forest floor then turn to grey dust. No one remembers them green. Their shine lost in memory.

Autumn Sunshine Stream

Autumn sunshine streams – Cascading down the staircase – to pool on a fern. – a haiku poem written and photographed in Kita-Kamakura

Uplit Trees

Uplit trees floating – in the cool autumn night – Tethered to the earth. – a haiku poem

Seasons and Cold Nights

Seasons and cold nights – Turns ginko leaves to gold – and hair to grey. -a haiku poem

Autumn in Japan

Sasaki Grass Wu Wei

Upward toward the clouds – Where the air and currents play – Extended yet soft – Without an expectation – Open to humility – Alight in the autumn…

Pale and Shivering

  Autumn flowers wait – For winter to take their souls – Pale and shivering – a haiku poem

Look at the Current

Take a look at the current – Trees turned to orange and red – Songs fading into silence – The warm glow of backlit leaves – Each in time…

Autumn Pine Wind

Among autumn leaves –  Clouds too high to touch above – The pine wind blows peace – This Autumn Pine haiku poem is in response to being in the…

Cool Autumn Evening

The distant dog barks –  All alone after nightfall –  Joining the crickets

Summer Ends

  The Bush Warbler – Whose song welcomed summer – Is silent tonight – a haiku poem