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The River Flows

Around a hard stone – She, gently overcoming – Nourishes the moss. – a haiku poem

Ashiyu (Foot Bath)

Sitting together – In the rooftop ashiyu* – Her foot touches mine. -a senryu poem *ashi yu literally translates to “foot bath”. Shallow foot baths in Japan are…

Into the Garden

The screen door swings closed – Soft steps into the garden – for the last time. – a haiku poem

White Ankle Strap Heels

Old Nikes dry – Next to white ankle strap heels – Laughter from the bedroom. – a senryu poem

Literary Love

Lips puckered out РKissable between the stacks РLiterary love. Рa senryu poem

A Pale Light

Placed up on a hill – A small home casts a pale glow – On the blackened earth – This moonlight shines from within – Family, clouds, and…