Tag: Spring

Before the Rain

Rice seedlings in spring – Have their own texture – Ahead of the rain. – a five syllable mountain poem

Dew Drops on Flowers

Dew drops on flowers – Scattered across the petals – See beyond one view. – a haiku poem

Light Still in Shadow

Sunstream wildflower – Aren’t we moving not the shore? – Light still in shadow. – a haiku poem

The Die is Set

Confined to shadow – Yet achieving radiance – The die has been set. – a haiku poem

Already July

Already July – Not too late to lift your head – The orchid’s shoulders. – a haiku poem

An Invitation 

White magnolia – Decorated in sunlight – An Invitation. – a haiku poem

No Conceit 

Half-way up the hill – No conceit nor arrogance – The leaves simply grow. – a haiku poem

New Beginning

Each new beginning – transitions to what might be – Beauty from unrest. – a haiku poem

Macha Tea

Melting spring snow- Flows down the mountainside- into the sunlight. – Why not sit on tatami – and whisk macha tea?   -a tanka poem  

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day – The Clematis in full bloom – Catches the child’s eye. – a haiku poem

Rate of Spring

Graceful leaves open – unfolding with perfection – at the rate of spring. -a haiku poem This macro photo of a flowering kale plant in early spring reveals at…

The Stone Fountain

A mirror reflects without hesitation – A thousand puddles shine back at the moon – A stone fountain fills slowly with water – Up to the edge when…