Tag: Tao

Flowing Winter Stream #2

Flowing winter stream – Creates its own instruments – and plays its own hymns. – a haiku poem

Poetry of the Tao (Flowing Winter Stream #1)

Flowing winter stream – A sculpter and musician – Poetry of the Tao. – a haiku poem

Frozen Evergreens

Frozen evergreens Resolute in the valley Bowed branches supple. Wind howls above the mountain. Water flows beneath the snow. – a tanka poem

Across the Tao

Across the snowfield A gentle breeze moves a leaf The wind shakes a tree. – a haiku poem

Alpine Butterflies

Alpine butterflies – Through the expansive valley – Find their flowers. – a haiku poem


Rocks piled – the way is marked by lichens and iron and quartz and clouds and shadow. Its grasp tentative on the ridge. Balanced and noteworthy, frozen action, a beacon…

Look at the Current

Take a look at the current – Trees turned to orange and red – Songs fading into silence – The warm glow of backlit leaves – Each in time…