Tag: Winter

Out of Reach

Snow on the mountain –Settles gently on the pines –There but out of reach – a haiku poem

Winter Refuge

Fullest in winter –Afflicted and deluded –Yet without pretense – a haiku poem

Winter Warmth

The warmth of winter –Cascading from the shadows –Breath betrays the cold – a haiku poem

Flowing Winter Stream #2

Flowing winter stream – Creates its own instruments – and plays its own hymns. – a haiku poem

Poetry of the Tao (Flowing Winter Stream #1)

Flowing winter stream – A sculpter and musician – Poetry of the Tao. – a haiku poem

A Dog Gladly Leaves

A dog gladly leaves To walk in the winter woods His spot in the sun. -a haiku poem

Adrift Not Drifting

Cascading downhill Floating in shifting tension Adrift not drifting. – a haiku poem

One Form of Nothingness

The clouds in between Take each other’s shape Snowflakes with the wind. – a five syllable mountain poem

Winter River

The winter river Flowing in three dimensions Ice over water. – a haiku poem

Frozen Evergreens

Frozen evergreens Resolute in the valley Bowed branches supple. Wind howls above the mountain. Water flows beneath the snow. – a tanka poem

Frozen Way

Icy winter road Secure footing one moment Then a mad scramble. – a haiku poem 

Across the Tao

Across the snowfield A gentle breeze moves a leaf The wind shakes a tree. – a haiku poem

Relentless Snowfall

Relentless snowfall – Tells it like it really is – The truth unobscured – by bottom-line self-interest – and the greed of the wealthy – Welcome relief. -a…

Frozen in Motion

Frozen in motion – Ears ring in stoney silence – Nothing but wind howls. -a haiku poem

Snow Covered Peaks

Blackened, gnarled, branches – Reach toward snow covered peaks – Under winter skies. -a haiku poem

Winter’s First Blanket

Rain drops on willows – Crystals of the morning sun – Winter’s first blanket. – a haiku poem